Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Hope?

OK, so of today I am re-purposing this blog. After an exceptionally long period of time where I ignored this page entirely I have decided to once again consider posting my thoughts and experiences. More specifically my girlfriend wanted me to post here more rather than bitching directly at her about things that annoy me.

The most noteworthy thing to happen to me in recent memory is that I managed to crash into another driver and do significant damage to my loyal steed, the 98 Subaru Forester I spent the last 6 years driving around. As soon as I figure out how to do so, if it is possible, I will post pictures here so you can see the mess I made of the vehicle. Thankfully the other car was only marginally damaged and nobody was seriously hurt beyond some airbag related bruising to my chest. However, due to the age of my car I had decided not to get collision insurance and so during the wonderful recession provided to us by Mr. George W. Bush I need to get a loan and buy a new car.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why the hell are you reading this?

Ok, so this blog exists more or less because the system FORCED me to create it so that I could make fun of my friend's blog. If I decide to post here it will be generally to make fun of things I think are stupid, which includes almost everything. I may also use this blog to rant about things that piss me off, which is everything that doesn't fall into the above category. There will, of course, be some overlap.